Productivity Benefits through Crane Automation



David G. Stocker, Technology Leader, TMEIC GE Crane Systems, Salem, Virginia


As global container shipping volumes continue to grow, terminal operators around the world share a common problem: how to squeeze more productivity out of all assets in the container terminal. Automated container handling has become one of the most legitimate answers to this question.

Today, the automation of yard cranes is the next step in the natural evolution of crane control technology which started with the introduction of containerised shipping in the 1960’s. The technology required for precise automatic pick-up, drop-off and stacking of containers in all operational and environmental conditions is now proven in several terminals around the world. Thamesport (UK), PSA Pasir Panjang (Singapore), European Combined Ter minals (Holland), and Container Ter minal Altenwerder (Germany) are just a few examples of operating  terminals that enjoy the productivity benefits provided by yard crane automation.

These have now been joined by a major new terminal in the USA, which is now in operation with TMEIC GE’s latest Maxspeed® and Maxview® control and automation systems. Let’s examine exactly how terminal productivity is improved by crane automation…

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