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Ports-as-an-App (PaaA)  Innovating Digital Architectures on Smartphone Platforms

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Author(s): Wolfgang, Lehmacher, Thought Leader & Advisor, Geneva, Switzerland

The digitization train has left the station, with 9% of companies now ahead of the curve and reaping the rewards. Advanced ports have experimented with the new possibilities brought about by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, yet now they are entering the next stage of digitization: capturing the potential of platforms and smartphone applications (apps). Platforms are now pulling everything together while apps provide the services through software built upon the architecture. The previous wave of technology startups transformed and disrupted industries by digitizing location, identity, behaviour, and so forth, and the next wave will enhance the digital universe by continuing the work and building software to provide value for the ecosystem.

Featured in the Edition:

Delivering Performance

PTI Edition 84 • Digital & Print
As the automation trend continues to grow rapidly in the ports and terminals sector, key stakeholders are looking for ways to deliver performance. This edition, published ahead of the Container Terminal Automation Conference 2019, focuses on how terminals can achieve results.