Portalink 800/80RK fully operational in Port of Aden, Yemen



Buhler AG, Uzwil, Switzerland


Over the years, Buhler AG of Uzwil, Switzerland has supplied a variety of grain handling and milling equipment to Hayel Saeed Anam and Co. (HSA), a successful, large and fast growing company based in the Republic of Yemen. The HSA-Group was established in 1970 and is active in sectors such as industry, trade, services, agricultural and marine resources. The Group is active in Yemen and in numerous other countries in the world.

Ship unloading in the Port of Aden

One of the most recent projects of the HSA-Group involved the installation of a mechanical ship unloader at HSA’s flour milling facility located at the Aden port in  Yemen. HSA decided to install a mechanical ship unloader, type Portalink 800/80RK, supplied by Buhler AG of Switzerland. The unit successfully commenced commercial operations at the end of 2006.

Port facility

The HSA port terminal at Aden is suitable for berthing Panamax vessels up to 70,000 DWT on one side and 30,000DWT vessels on the other side of the quay. The Buhler mechanical ship nloader ‘Portalink 800/80 RK’ efficiently unloads wheat or corn at a nominal rate of 800 t/h from vessels up to 80,000DWT. The grain is transferred to a belt conveyor installed below the quay. At the end of the quay, the grain is transferred from the belt conveyor to a bucket elevator, from there onto belt
conveyors, feeding the rows of silo bins located some distance away. Alternatively, the product can be loaded directly onto trucks via two loading spouts.

The Portalink 800/80RK operates on rails; the travel distance is approximately 210 metres. The installed unit weighs approximately 360 tonnes, and the installed  power is approximately 500kW.

The specific power consumption per unloaded tonne of grainis approximately 0.4kWh/t, indicating an excellent performance and substantial energy savings. General information on the Portalink

The Portalink range of mechanical ship unloaders are particularly suited for unloading grains, oilseeds and derivatives from 400 to 1,500 t/h from vessels up to 120,000DWT. Over 100 units have been installed in ports around the world. The Portalink is available as a mobile unit on rails or tire bogies, as stationary execution and as a combined ship unloader/ship loading unit.

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