Port Otago: integrating cloud-based asset management



Bob Smillie, Port Management, Port Otago, Port Chalmers, New Zealand


Port Otago’s existing asset management system did not provide adequate information to support efficient maintenance planning, accurate budgeting, or effective inventory management for spare parts. So Port Otago worked with IBM Business Partner BPD Zenith to deploy MaxiCloud, a cloud-based enterprise asset management solution, and integrate it with the company’s on-premise finance system.

Improved asset reporting helps extend asset life, reduce replacement costs, and facilitate safety compliance. Streamlined purchasing and inventory management save costs and increase productivity.  The three key benefits are as follows:

  • Saves time and costs by streamlining inventory purchasing and management
  • Improves reliability and cuts maintenance costs with asset performance reporting
  • Simplifies IT management with cloud-based software-as-a-service model

Port Otago Limited operates a primary deep-water, export-based container terminal at Port Chalmers in New Zealand’s far south. With outstanding facilities and a committed team, Port Otago has built a customer-base that includes some of the largest manufacturing and supply organisations in the region.

Deploying a cloud-based asset management solution has helped Port Otago deliver a cohesive asset management strategy for efficient spare part inventory management and complete visibility over asset performance and maintenance needs.

BPD Zenith’s expertise was vital to this deployment. MaxiCloud allowed us to take advantage of all the benefits of an enterprise-level asset management solution and put our business in a stronger, more competitive position for years to come – without the need to hire additional support resources to manage…

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