Port Cyber Security: A Challenge for Every Link in the Supply Chain



Catalina Grimalt, Deputy manager of Organisation and Internal Resources, Port de Barcelona


Cyber security is a growing concern for companies in the light of the large-scale digitalization process that they have experienced and continue to undergo.

These rapid transformation processes have brought about major technological advances and improvements, but they have also given rise to new problems that must be addressed: cyber-attacks.

The technological environment that is a feature of modern ports entails a heightened risk from cyber threats, making greater protection essential.

Cyber criminals can attack from multiple points of entry and, moreover, the interdependence of systems and electronic devices, the relative ease with which successful attacks can be made and the profit derived from them, along with the difficulty of identifying the culprits, lead to a rise in attacks of this kind. Security must be boosted in parallel with the increase in the digital services on offer.

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