Optimizing Port Throughput

If I had to choose one word to describe the state of the world today ‘hyper-connected’ would be a good choice. Hyper-connection has fueled the growth of commerce around the world. Our ports serve as gateways for those goods, speeding or impeding their passage from source to customer. With this rapid expansion of global business in the last few decades, port operations have become more critical than ever for global companies and their customers.

Shipping volumes have slowly inched up, with the top 15 ports in Europe experiencing 14% growth in the last 10 years. Also, ships have steadily grown larger, putting more strain on terminals and port operators, while ever-changing regulations and growing security concerns have further complicated matters.


While the world has grown more connected and interdependent, our ports often operate as isolated islands, with little connection to what’s happening upstream…

Gene Trousil, Chief Deployment Officer, One Network Enterprises

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