Optimising Container Terminals Using Simulation and Emulation Methodology: Part 1



Dr.-Ing Holger Schütt, Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics, Bremerhaven, Germany


Over the last 50 years simulation technology has found its way from technical applications to logistics. Due to the demands of high productivity and automation, as well as increasing vessel sizes, special computer systems for simulation and emulation have been developed for container terminals. The modern approach to the whole planning, developing and installation process is accompanied by simulation. Although the current crisis entails uncertainty it also provides the opportunity to improve actual planning procedures.

Some of the special systems for simulation or emulation are introduced in the following to explain the possible range of applications from global to detailed container terminal analysis and optimisation.

Simulation in logistics

Simulation has found its way into the automotive industry where nearly each investment is verified by simulation means. This approach has also become widely accepted in the analysis of logistic processes, especially in the field of container terminals…

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