New megapixel system to empower IP surveillance at Malta Freeport



Genius Vision Digital (GVD), Hückelhoven, Germany


Malta Freeport

Malta Freeport, located in the heart of the Mediterranean is ranked among the top European ports and is the third largest transshipment and logistics centre in the region.

Enforced by law under ISPS Code, the IP Surveillance System is required to consistently support governments evaluating risks, and offset changes in threat and vulnerability for ships and port facilities, which includes certain equipment, monitoring and controlling access, and monitoring the activities of people and cargo. In order to meet these requirements, there are more than 60pcs of IP cameras implemented and controlled from the central management room to provide 24/7 monitoring via a fiber backbone network.

 The challenge

After the 9/11 attacks in New York City, global society was alerted to and threatened by terrorism, including Europe. In order to prevent any security breaches while monitoring a large and wide area of seaport, the Malta Freeport area needed the most powerful and scalable system to manage busy shipping and transit traffic, security of goods, and the safety of people.

In addition, the capability to look for details in live videos was crucial, and this can only be achieved using megapixel system. For these reasons, an IP-based surveillance system is the exact solution for this.

The durable IP surveillance system

GVD cooperates with world-leading IP camera vendors and the system provider Alberta to provide the best performance of megapixel surveillance. Monitoring using the GVD NVR M600 series, server class rack mount, the real-time video can be seamlessly sent to the control center with just one click, in combination with the alarm pop-up feature, so that any critical scene will not be missed. GVD provides not only the hardware but also the software, making their systems cost effective and convenient.

Advanced streaming technology

Under GVD Time Sector Engine’s intelligent search and flexible video streaming capability optimizes both bandwidth and storage, which allows resolutions from 4 CIF to 2 megapixels for fixed and PTZ cameras to be used. This not only delivers live, recorded and playback video, but also highly demanded remote access anytime from anywhere.

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