New Lighting Technology Delivers Sustainability for Ports



Tom Morrison, Musco Lighting, USA


Port operations around the world are incorporating sustainable business practices to help lower operating costs and reduce their environmental impact. Reevaluating the lighting infrastructure for nighttime operations is one of the most effective ways to meet these goals.

Over the past several decades, port operations have focused on ‘throwing’ light on as much of the facility as possible, using high-pressure sodium (HPS) bulbs, which have a life expectancy of 20,000 – 25,000 hours. This practice resulted in high energy consumption, excessive spill-light and glare, as well as poor visibility and colour reproduction for people working in the area around the lights.

Today’s lighting technology advancements provide port authorities with access to better lighting solutions, which significantly reduce energy usage, deliver light precisely where it’s needed, provide quality and consistent working light and have a longer operating life.

Older lighting fixture designs and light sources are being phased out in favour of more energy-efficient lighting solutions, better quality light sources and an improved system design. Musco, for example, has worked for nearly four decades to create more efficient lighting solutions from foundation to pole-top: a complete lighting system that precisely controls light and is single-sourced and warrantied, delivering optimum…

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