New deliveries for the Port of Duisburg



Hans Kuenz GmbH, Hard, Austria


The port of Duisburg is the largest European inland port and among the top 100 container ports in the the world.

The total area of the port from the harbour basins at the Ruhr mouth along the Rhine river up to Duisburg-Rheinhausen amounts to 10 km2.

With the opening of the Duisburg Intermodal Terminal DIT, the logport logistic park obtained its logistic centre. The terminal, with an area of 120,000 qm, is a trimodal commercial and transportation center for waterways, railroad tracks and highways.

At the same time duisport is a strategic hinterland hub of major North Sea ports including Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp.

In April 2006 Kuenz delivered in addition to the existing crane at the port of Duisburg one container gantry crane with a capacity of 40 t purposed for bimodal container handling.

For the extension of the PKV terminal at the Duisburg port Ruhrort, the DUSS operating company took over a further container gantry crane in March. Kuenz delivered not only the container crane, but also produced the installed spreader themself (see Figure 1).

A further trimodal Kuenz container handling crane is being installed at the Rhine-Ruhr-Terminal at the Duisburg parallel port.

The length of the girder is more than 100m. More information will follow after assembly and  handing-over of the crane.

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