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Author(s): Matthew R. Miller, Transportation Industry Principal, OSIsoft, LLC, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Matt Miller of OSIsoft considers the evolution of port operations and what the industry must do to optimize.

Leading port operators are building a digital foundation that is providing dramatic improvements and meaningful business results, enabling the sector to handle a projected 400-million-ton annual increase in global port volumes (source: UNCTAD 2018 Review of Maine Transport).

They are moving past decades of manual process tradition to a more agile, data-driven approach, with a keen eye on risk and security issues.

While many believe the best way to modernize is to automate, beginning this transition before you thoroughly understand your current operational process can lead to tragic – or at best very expensive – results. If your process is error-prone and inefficient, all you will do is automate these problems, leading to poorer performance.  

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