Merford Driver Cabins, focussed on ergonomics and safety



Merford, Groot-Ammers, The Netherlands


Designing and producing high-quality operator cabins for STS cranes, RTG – RMG’s and Straddle carriers is a specialism. Merford has many years experience in this and has built up a good name.

Nevertheless, they continue to concentrate on the comfort, safety and efficiency of the crane driver with regard to the cabin and operation unit.

A good example of this is the Ergoseat, introduced into the market some years ago and today recognised as the premier ergonomical seat combination for STS crane cabins in the western world.

With the Ergoseat, a significant part of the driver’s weight is carried at the fully adjustable armrests.

The mechanical loading on the low back is thereby reduced.

TNO as a scientific institute quantified this reduction by more than 50 per cent (27 Nm instead of 58 Nm) when working in an Ergoseat.

On top of the lower back reduction, the upper body is stabilised to the sides, preventing the lower back from bending in too many directions.

Perhaps the most important feature though, is the special shockabsorbing system…

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