Mega–Ports and Carrier Alliances can be a Blessing



Norbert Klettner, Regional Manager EMEA, RBS, Hamburg, Germany


Norbert Klettner of PTI Preferred Partner RBS argues that, if handled correctly, mega-ports, terminals and carrier alliances can create a synergy which is highly beneficial to operators as opposed to being onerous. In this paper, Klettner breaks down each key player's expectations, needs and demands, revealing how disparate entities can be harmoniously conjoined via a greater understanding of one another's position:

With the increasing size of vessels and alliances formed by large shipping lines, call sizes keep on increasing, putting a lot of stress on the ports and terminals handling these vessels. Turnaround time and cost are often the most important drivers for a shipping line to call at a terminal, and this paper addresses the impact of the everincreasing call sizes, and how terminals can manage increased capacities.

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It is common knowledge that shipping lines are consolidating and forming alliances.

There are several reasons for this ….

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