Megapixel zoom lenses for security and surveillance



Fujinon (Europe) GmbH, Willich, Germany


High resolution for high quality images
With the recent advent of megapixel cameras for day and night surveillance, there has been a growing need to capture more remote objects in higher resolution for better identification, as well as to conduct round-the-clock surveillance in high image quality with the combined use of a higher performance lens and a surveillance camera.

To meet the needs of the security and surveillance market for images in megapixel compatible high resolution, Fujinon offers a continuously growing product range of high-quality megapixel lenses.

In addition to a wide choice of varifocal lenses covering focal length ranges from the wide end (101º horizontal angle of view), to telephoto lenses for applications that require a greater object distance between the camera and the lens, as well as Day & Night models. Another outstanding product worth mentioning on top of the above are the megapixel zoom lenses:

  •  D32x10HR4D, focal length f = 10 ~ 320 mm
  •  D32x15.6HR4D, focal length f = 15.6 ~ 500 mm

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