Meeting the Demands of Larger Vessels



Markus Christerson, Manager Product Management, ABB Crane Systems, Sweden


Super-Post-Panamax cranes

To be able to operate on the new Super-Post-Panamax container vessels, with a width of 22 rows or more, container cranes are becoming higher and have a longer outreach. ABB has delivered electrical systems for a large number of these Super-Post-Panamax ship-to-shore container cranes in recent years.

Larger cranes are more expensive, making it even more important that they are effective. Productivity, measured in moves per hour, is essential when evaluating a crane system. Introducing automation is one way of increasing productivity. Another is to use either a double trolley system or a double hoist system on cranes.

A double trolley system includes a second trolley that runs on the portal beams. This so-called portal trolley handles the containers between a lashing platform and the discharge area on the quay. A main trolley normally handles the containers between the ship and the lashing platform. The main trolley is manned but is normally operated in a semi-automatic mode with the operator only performing the actual set-down or pick-up on the ship…

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