Maintaining situational awareness in today’s supply chain



Interview with Karno Tenovuo, CEO and Co-Founder, Awake.AI


Having complete oversight of port operations is crucial for increasing competitiveness, and full situational awareness has become a must-have solution for improving efficiency and safety while reducing operational costs and emissions.

Speaking to Port Technology International, Karno Tenovuo, CEO and Co-Founder, Awake.AI, highlighted the importance of situational awareness and how the company is working with ports to enhance berth planning and optimise port operations.

“There are different levels of situational awareness, and it starts with tracking different assets moving in the logistics chain and getting relevant cargo information about them. For example, we are tracking the vessels, their movement, estimated time of arrival and service activities during the port visit.

“Our situational awareness solution provides the dashboard of what is happening at the port, and planning and optimisation features enhancing the understanding of what will happen at the port or the movement of any particular cargo. As soon as we start combining and utilizing this real-time information and forecasts to make better informed decisions, we reach a new level – situational understanding,” Tenovuo explained.

Port call timelines and the estimated time of arrivals (ETAs) for vessels are an important aspect of the situational awareness picture.

“As an artificial intelligence (AI) company we are focused on making those AI-based predictions and optimisations, which are much better than what actors are currently used to,” Tenovuo said.

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