Maersk: Next-Gen Efficiency in Reefer Operations



Søren Leth Johannsen, Chief Commercial Officer, Maersk Container Industry


Editor's note: Maersk has had a huge push in recent months towards improving its logistics operations across the board, in this paper the container hauling giant articulates its vision for reefer containers.

A reefer typically circles the world four times under extreme handling and weather conditions. Every year. Over a typical working life of 15 years, maintenance and running costs rapidly add up. There is evidently huge potential in reducing inefficiencies and costs in reefer operations.

The good news is that a combination of new technology and smarter ways of working is paving the way for modern reefers. Transparency in performance and consumption, better interfaces and connecting to smart systems across the supply chain will be the elements that power this transformation.

To achieve these goals, there needs to be a strong focus on making life easier and more efficient for shipping carriers and service providers from the moment the reefer is in operation. Truly transforming the industry is going to need everyone to work together, right along the transport value chain, to implement new technology…

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