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Le Havre: A Smart Port 5G Project

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Author(s): Beth Maundrill, Editor, PTI, spoke to Cyril Chédot, Head of Innovation and Planning, Port of Le Havre

Smart Ports and Smart Cities go hand in hand, and one way that the two are being brought together is through 5G and wireless connectivity.

In France, the Port of Le Harve, part of the HAROPA port group, has embarked on the Le Havre Smart Port City project to coordinate maritime and city operations. Over the next 10 years the Port and wider community will explore wireless connectivity through the 5G Lab initiative.

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Connecting Ports With 5G

PTI Edition 96 • Digital Only
While 5G continues to make headlines for average consumers, from an industry perspective ports and terminals are now exploring how 5G can help enhance operations.

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