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Launching Agile Optimization

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Author(s): Dr Eva Savelsberg, INFORM GmbH

From the quay through the yard and onto trucks or rail, Agile Optimization Modules deliver value across the terminal. With both a strong short and long-term ROI possible, benefits can be translated into financial terms that have real impact on the bottom line. My recent paper Power up your TOS from Edition 73 of The Journal of Ports and Terminals outlines these benefits and potential ROI in detail and is a good precursor to this article.

So building from where that article left off, this article will explore the most common question we heard over the past few years: when is the best time to implement an agile optimization solution?

The short answer is quite simple – anytime is a good time because the benefits begin to drive return from the day you go-live. However, the long answer is more structured. Given that implementing optimization modules tends to be seen…

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PTI Edition 74 • Digital & Print
PTI Edition 74: AI & Automation. This editions looks at the burgeoning ability of AI and what that means for society, workers and the global supply chain.