Large Area Lighting Innovation



Tom Morrison, Global Account Manager for Large Area Lighting, Musco Lighting, Iowa, USA


As ports continue to look for ways to boost productivity and efficiently use energy, LED lighting continues to be the right solution. Most ports use lights for more than 4,300 hours per year, so there is an increasing need for a well-designed system that reduces light pollution on the surrounding area, while providing the needed reliability and efficiency to positively affect budgets and not create maintenance headaches. That’s what Musco Lighting continues to provide.

For 40 years, Musco has delivered sustainable and energy-efficient permanent and temporary lighting solutions for sports and large area venues around the world. Investing more than 35 years of research and testing in lighting technology, we have made dramatic improvements in energy efficiency and affordable ways to control light. And this is just the beginning. Over the past decade we have continued our dedication to innovation, continuously improving our systems around the LED light source. We have been able to provide LED systems that feature advanced custom optics, providing unmatched light control…

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