Kuantan Port beginning its digital journey



Interview with Mazlim Husin, Chief Operating Officer, Kuantan Port


Facing the South China Sea, Kuantan Port is one of the premier deepwater ports of the Malaysian Peninsula’s East Coast.

Like many other ports across the globe Kuantan is now embarking on a digital transformation, launched in August 2020.

With the completion of the New Deep-Water Terminal at the port it is positioning itself as the main gateway to China and the Far East as well as acting as a transshipment hub for minor ports in the region.
Speaking exclusively to PTI, Mazlim Husin, Chief Operating Officer, Kuantan Port, described the vision the port has for expansion and digitalization.
The port is on a digitisation path which commenced in 2020 with a timeline set out to 2022 and beyond.

“For the digitalisation of Kuantan Port it is not just about the port its also about IJM Group, our parent company, which is a conglomerate in Malaysia as well as port operations we also include construction, property development and a toll concession for the highways,” Husin explained.

“What we have been doing for the past few months is enhancing our transformation further as well as integrating with other applications, not just about cargo handling, not just about container handling, but also about safety and palliative services.”

He explained that the aim is to have a centralised location for all the data handled by the port so it can be accessed through one dashboard.

“When we talk about digitisation of the port it’s not a choice. It is something we have to do to transform and to be more competitive amongst other ports in this region,” Husin said.

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