Khalifa Port: The Innovator Behind Abu Dhabi’s Growth



Captain Mohamed Juma Al Shamisi, CEO, Abu Dhabi Ports, Abu Dhabi, UAE


More than 60% of sea-borne trade is now containerised. To accommodate this rise in containerised shipping, vessels are getting bigger and wider, reflecting the need to keep pace with a rapidly growing industry. The United Arab Emirates finds itself increasingly at the geographical centre of 21st century shipping lanes with a tremendous opportunity to lead in a post-hydrocarbon economy as a global trade hub.

To realise this opportunity, Abu Dhabi Ports – master developer, manager and operator of the capital’s bustling non-oil ports and industrial hubs – has prioritised innovation and the deployment of next-generation port technology. Innovation in technology ensures that Abu Dhabi’s primary container ports are equipped not just to serve the continued development of the Emirate, but of the UAE and the region as whole. We have ensured that our innovative systems will always keep pace with fast growing trade volumes.

The growth of a giant

Our progress since establishment in 2006 and the beginning of commercial operations at Khalifa Port in 2012 has been rapid. Through this continuous commitment to innovation, Abu Dhabi Ports has…

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