Is the 30,000 TEU Vessels Realistic?



Max Schwerdtfeger, Online Editor, Port Technology International


One of the most striking trends in the maritime industry in recent years has been the increasing size of container ships, the largest of which is approximately ten times bigger than they were a decade ago.

This is a result of a market that is starkly different that the one we entered in the beginning of the century, one which has undergone financial crises and the formation of multi-carrier alliances.

Carriers have had to adapt to new consumer habits and may have to do so again soon as demand for goods continues to increase and the global economy recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vessels have increased numerous times in recent years, and they might have to again. The mega-ships in the global fleet today and those that will enter in the near future are sure to affect the maritime and wider supply chain.

The latest fleet of mega-ships can carry up to 24,000 TEU, with some carriers, most notably HMM, MSC and CMA CGM, ordering vessels that are not only bigger than those that came before but are also more environmentally friendly.

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