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Interfacing process control and equipment control


ABB has and will supply automation and electrical scope to a number of demanding automation projects including:

• Singapore (PSA, 1997) – 37 Rail Mounted Gantry cranes (RMGs) and Overhead Bridge Cranes (OHBCs)

• Tokyo (Wan Hai, 2002) – six cantilever RMGs

• Hamburg (CTA,2001 – present) – 44 RMGs

• Le Havre (SETO, 2003 – present) – five double trolley Ship to Shore cranes (STS)

• Euromax (Rotterdam, 2005) – order for 16 STS and 58 automatic RMGs

The automated container terminal

As in any automated operation, the process control system or Terminal Operating System (TOS) is fundamental to both efficiency, and in an automatic terminal, its interaction with the equipment control system.

The tasks involved are complex:

• To optimise the use of cranes and supporting vehicles…

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Hans Cederqvist, Manager Terminal Projects, ABB Automation Technologies AB, Västerås, Sweden