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Intelligent Bulk Ports: Unleashing the Dynamism

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Author(s): Kris Kosmala, Vice President APAC, Quintiq

Why is it that progress in information technology generates so much excitement in the container shipping industry, yet hardly gets any press when it comes to bulk? If you attended any shipping conference dedicated to bulk, all you get are long discussions on rates, vessels, China commodity import trends of that particular moment, and more discussions on rates.

Any bystander at those conferences would think that bulk shipping is the most boring business in the world, yet bulk shipping is not immune to the onset of technologies that only a decade ago would be considered a flight of fancy. This tidal wave of technological innovation will be harnessed for the benefit of the ports, transporters, logistics companies, and the shippers. The ports must use the technology to address a variety of competing objectives: efficient management of diverse cargo and the maximizing of land use while minimizing land use conflicts and environmental impacts, provision of efficient transportation systems for the…

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