Innovative transhipment systems: The Bedeschi success story



Bedeschi S.p.A., Padova, Italy



Bedeschi has over 100 years of experience in the dry bulk sector handling materials ranging from coal, cement, brick and clinker to iron ore and ammonium sulphate. The Italian-based firm offers tailored solutions for dry cargo operations across the globe, yet its success has relied heavily on listening to the requirements and needs of the customer. For example, in recent years the company has been a pioneer in the development of floating transfer stations. These are used to tranship materials from barges to bigger vessels that are unable to call port terminals due to draft restrictions. However, this is an example of just one of Bedeschi’s innovative solutions. This example and some of the company’s other landmark projects are discussed in this article.

Princesse Chloe

The Princesse Chloe floating terminal began coal transshipment operations in Indonesia in 2011. Developed by Bedeschi, Liebherr and Logmarin the terminal is stationed at the Maura Pantai anchorage in the Sulawesi Sea (East Kalimantan) on behalf of PT Berau Coal. The tailored facility was devised by Logmarin Advisors, while the coal handling equipment to support the terminal was designed, manufactured and commissioned by Bedeschi and Liebherr. Liebherr supplied Princesse Chloe with two heavy duty offshore four-rope cranes with a 30-tonne capacity, while Bedeschi equipped the floating terminal with its cargo landing system, consisting of two duly designed hoppers and an array of conveyor systems leading to a telescopic/shuttle shiploader. The hoppers are designed to accommodate the large grabs, which are shaped with asymmetrical walls to ensure the smooth flow of coal into the transfer chute. This can also accommodate so-called sticky coal as vibrators are fitted into the hoppers in order to maintain the required flow rate. Furthermore, a mesh grill has also been installed to remove any oversized or undesirable material that could damage or block the conveyor system. Bedeschi also equipped the hoppers with two features to help minimise pollution. Firstly, a water sprinkler system was installed on top of hoppers to suppress coal dust during the grab delivery, while spill plates, found on the sea side of the hoppers, were also fitted. These are opened during cargo operations to cover the gap between the floating terminal and the coal barge to eliminate coal spillage. Princesse Chloe is capable of loading vessels as large as capsize carriers, and can offer round the clock operations due to the independent generator sets installed on the vessel. With low fuel consumption, a daily loading rate of 50,000 tonnes, amounting to over 800,000 tonnes per month, Princesse Chloe is a reliable and innovative transhipper, offering customers great value for their money. In 2011, Princesse Chloe loaded 41 vessels of Panamax and Capesize class, achieving an average daily loading rate of approximately 47,000 tonnes of coal and an optimum performance rate of over 56,000 tonnes.

Princesse Vittoria

Princesse Vittoria, the sister unit …

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