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How AI Can Power Growth

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Author(s): Inna Kuznetsova, Karim Jumma and Peter Spellman, INTTRA

Digitalization is impacting every industry and ocean container shipping is no different. The latest trends have organizations focusing on smart, technology-driven management to reduce expenses and increase efficiency. Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), as well as the Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain, are the most talked about transformative and disruptive
technologies in the world today. 

Over the long term, digitalization will ultimately connect buyers and sellers, automate paper trails and improve working capital through centralized settlements. The opportunity to tie the physical operating process to the digital financial operating process will accelerate to deliver on the promise of digitalization. While AI has the potential to massively disrupt the container shipping industry, today's applications will assist in jobs rather than replace jobs. For example…

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PTI Edition 77 sees the launch of three new subsections of the Automation Section: Artificial Intelligence, Automated Intelligence, and Supply Chain Intelligence. This edition forms the academic underpinning of the PTI CTAC 2018 Conference