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How to Deal With the Effects of Climate Change in Ports?

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Author(s): Noemí Monterde, Project Manager, Fundación Valenciaport

From the end of the 19th century until 2011-2016 the average temperature of the Earth’s surface has increased by only 1.1ºC and the average sea level by 0.2m, with wide geographical variability.

These seemingly small variations have caused changes in the climate of the entire planet as well as an increase in the frequency, intensity and duration of extreme weather events. We are not moving from a stable ecosystem to another one that is also stable – but worse. The climate will continue to deteriorate, even in the fictitious scenario of the complete cessation of GHG emissions tomorrow.

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A Sustainable Future

PTI Edition 93 • Digital Only
Port Technology International’s first e-Journal of 2020 explores the topic of sustainability in ports. Climate change is set to be a defining topic for the 2020s as awareness of its real-time impact is increasing.

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