Great things come in small packages



Sub-Atlantic Ltd (Triton Group), Aberdeen, UK


Operating to a 300m depth rating as standard, Sub-Atlantic Ltd’s Mojave model is the most powerful observation ROV for its size. With a 1,000m option due out later this year, it will also be available to operate from a Tether Management System (TMS), thus making it the ideal vehicle for numerous subsea missions.

The highly advanced machine has been built to an extremely high specification using the very latest ‘off the shelf ’ miniaturised PC technology. The result is an extremely compact, robust, easily maintained and easy to transport vehicle, which comes with camera and LED lighting within the base specification.

Available for sale and rental, Sub-Atlantic’s latest ROV can run off any domestic power supply. The model also features the control and diagnostics telemetry software/hardware subCAN™, which has been re-designed to be compact and fit within in a small space, such as the back of an average-sized hatchback car.

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