Grain port technology stationary solutions



Tomas Kisslinger, Managing Director, NEUERO Industrietechnik, GmbH, Melle, Germany



This article examines the importance of custom stationary design for logistic solutions in bulk grain handling.

The pneumatic system facilitates complete unloading because of its optimum clean-up characteristics (using a vacuum cleaner like principle).

It has lower foundation loads compared with a mechanical system, and its continuous and enclosed conveying combined with dedusting and sound insulation makes this system environmental friendly.

Stationary unloading systems are normally used to save money required to build a quay or jetty, using the necessary dolphins for ship mooring.

Barges or ships can be moved with more or less difficulty depending on existing currents.

The base foundation is an important point because it must be planed carefully to support the load of the equipment and take into consideration all local interferences and interfaces.

Types of installations

On rivers for small ships

In Europe, rivers are often used to distribute…

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