Floating transfer stations: Simplicity in diversity



Sanjeev Mathur, Coeclerici Logistics S.p.A., Milan, Italy


The success story of the Floating Transfer Station (FTS), a system which Coeclerici Logistics has designed, developed and patented, is unparalleled.

Since 2000, the concept’s four variations have been in operation in various parts of the world.

Conceptually the FTS is a pontoon with two cranes mounted on it, which work in conjunction with a material handling system comprising of hoppers, conveyors and material delivery boom.

Thus the essential components on the FTS are the following:

• Cranes

• Material handling equipment comprising of hoppers and conveyors

• Transfer boom

• Pontoon

• Propulsion

Design considerations

Coeclerici Logistics has designed and implemented four …..

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