Fighting dust with technology



Cimbria Bulk Equipment, Sunds, Denmark


Improving the work environment through dust suppression

Ports and harbors around the world have a growing need for high capacity terminal equipment due to the increased volume of world trade, and larger container ships and barges. Increased competition and infrastructural improvements bring constant need for innovative solutions and more than ever it is of significant importance to base decisions on thorough consideration when it comes to long-term investments in installations and equipment.

Cimbria Bulk Equipment has supplied 12,000 supplied loading chutes and is the world’s leading and biggest supplier of loading chutes for dust-free loading of dry bulk material. This position has been reached through many years of development and in-depth experience that has resulted in a comprehensive and first-class product line that meets market demands at all times.

The Moduflex product line consists of loading chutes for handling all sorts of dry bulk materials and a comprehensive range of accessories for nearly all applications. Besides being an important supplier of loading chutes based on the standard program, the company has also managed to distinguish themselves by being acknowledged problem-solvers with the ability to design equipment for any kind of loading tasks where particular customer requirements are taken in account. The solutions go beyond designing loading chutes where the solution is obvious yet demanding to solving tasks where the problems challenge the development department to create innovative solutions.

Supplying a loading chute with low built-in height

In cooperation with the German Moduflex partner Agrichema GmbH, Cimbria Moduflex has won an order for a loading chute with integrated filter for loading malt into open ship. The task was to supply a loading chute with the ability to fit into a relatively low built-in height. In co-operation with Agrichema, Cimbria Moduflex designed a shiploading chute with an easy mountable filter outlet, which makes it possible to assemble the chute outlet after mounting the upper part of the chute is completed. The easy mountable outlet is a further development of the Moduflex shiploader with a filter unit mounted on the chute head. The delivered loading chute is of the type V500FF with an integrated fully self-contained filter on a flatbed outlet. To ensure dust-free outloading the exhaust fan creates a constant negative pressure in the chute. The exhaust air is cleaned when passing through the filter. The filter itself is dedusted by means of compressed air from the air receiver. For optimizing the loading process, the ventilator capacity can be adjusted with an air regulator, just as the cleaning cycle can be adjusted in the control box. The loading chute is equipped with 22 modules. The modular construction ensures an easy and quick replacement in case of modification or repairs. The replacements can be carried out with a minimum of downtime as it can be done without dismantling the loading chute.

To ensure dust-free outloading into ships the chute outlet is equipped with a heavy duty dust-skirt in order to encapsulate the dust arising when the product is falling onto the peak of the product pile during the loading process. Two capacitive indicators, placed in the chute outlet, signal automatically hoisting of the loading chute as the loading proceeds. Due to the nature of the product the loading chute is provided with explosion proof components in accordance with the ATEX directives. Mounting the loading chute without the outlet reduces the build-in height with more than 2300mm which enables it to fit into the installation.


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