Extending the life of marine assets



Hockway Ltd, Surrey, UK


Hockway Ltd, a long standing designer and manufacturer of quality cathodic protection systems and equipment, is focusing its attention on the marine market with the creation of a new division.The objective of the new division, to be called Hockway Marine Corrosion Control, will be to bring to the market proven corrosion prevention technology, which will allow asset owners and contractors to extend the life of new or aging infrastructure in the most cost effective manner.

Hockway has signed a number of key strategic alliances with international manufacturers of corrosion prevention products with strong reference lists and patented products. These alliances will allow Hockway to offer proven technologies from some of the world’s market leaders in the fields of cathodic protection and corrosion shielding.

The first alliance is with Deepwater Corrosion Services Inc. of the USA, who has over 25 years of experience in the cathodic protection and monitoring of offshore assets, with a particular focus on life extension. Mr Jim Britton, CEO of Deepwater, says: “We at Deepwater have long recognised the opportunity in European and the Middle East, but lacked a technically competent, synergistic local partner. The new look management team at Hockway offers the perfect complement needed to bring our product range successfully to market, thus helping our customers achieve the life extension that they are looking for at the best possible price.”

Mr Alistair Ketner, CEO of Hockway Ltd, says: “We are very excited by the opportunities afforded by this alliance. Deepwater is recognised as one of the leaders in marine CP technology and has an impressive reference list and product portfolio. Deepwater’s patented products have proved their capacity to create value for asset operators by extending the life of aging infrastructures.

Low water corrosion

Having secured the cathodic protection element of the marine corrosion prevention package, Hockway turned its attention to the splash zone that is largely unprotected through cathodic protection and that is exposed to very high corrosion rates through the phenomenon known as Low Water Corrosion. It soon became clear that there was a need for a suite of coatings, wraps and repair systems that could be deployed to solve this problem.

Hockway conducted an extensive international survey of the available providers of such protection and repair systems. The survey resulted in the establishment of alliances with two manufacturers who together provide the most comprehensive range of protection and repair systems.

The two manufacturers are: Corrosion Control Inc. one of the world’s leading manufacturer of Pile protection jacket systems, and Rockwater Manufacturing Inc. a very experienced designer and manufacturer of Structural repair systems.

“These alliances supported by our qualified and experienced engineering team ensure that Hockway Marine Corrosion Control provide today’s Maritime asset owners with an integrated design and project execution capability providing bespoke corrosion control and prevention solutions,” says Mr Ketner. If you are a marine asset operator looking to protect a new piece of infrastructure or extend the life of an existing one, or if you are a Contractor looking to design and/or implement a corrosion prevention system at the lowest possible installed cost, then look no further than Hockway Marine Corrosion Control.

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