Esoware and Copas: a unique combination



Esoware BV, Barendrecht, The Netherlands


It started in 2005. Esoware Srl, a software company in Salerno, Italy, asked Copas to assist them with the implementation of Esoware’s TOS at the terminal in Civitavecchia, Port of Rome. Copas purchased the software from Esoware Srl, whilst re-developing the system using modern tools, terminal ICT experience and a lot of creativity. Furthermore, new modules were developed and integrated.

Now in 2010, Esoware distributes Copas’ software products for terminals and opened an office in Rotterdam, managed by Frans Jol, who has extensive experience in the terminal business.

Many small and startup terminals, confronted with huge investments, are struggling to find a TOS geared to their requirements and, in particular, their budget. Copas decided to design their products with the needs of smaller terminals in mind; while they also understood the need of any terminal, small or large, to be able to use a comprehensive set of functions, from graphical planning systems to advanced EDI-systems.

Today, this affordable software, known by the name of Copas TOS, has been installed successfully on more than 10 ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ terminals throughout Europe and the UK.

The main module STEP2 can be used on its own, and covers all multimodal activities, from ocean and feeder vessels to barges, rail and truck activities. The Gate Wizard offers full functionality for the truck gate operator, whilst the ‘wizard’ setup ensures simple and intuitive use of advanced techniques, offering a logical workflow and avoiding mistakes or omissions.

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