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Author(s): Dr Yvo A. Saanen, Managing Director, TBA, Delft, the Netherlands

The steam engine. Electricity. Automation. The Internet of Things: these 4 terms describe the evolution of industrial progress in roughly the last 2 eras. The Internet of Things – also addressed as the fourth wave in industrial development, or as the ‘digitisation’ of industry – offers various opportunities to the port sector.

Machines, devices, containers, trucks and even infrastructure have the potential to become intelligent: each element along the logistics chain carries vital information regarding destination, purpose and specific contents. What stands out most however is the large scale robotisation that is now taking place in ports in Rotterdam, Sydney and Long Beach.

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Since the early nineties, terminal operators have been working on robotising equipment at their facilities, and with the recent openings of new facilities at Maasvlakte II, robotisation in the container industry has reached…

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