End-to-end supply chains through collaboration and working with the community



Richard Morton, Secretary General, International Port Community Systems Association (IPSCA)


A simple way of explaining the concept of a Port Community System (PCS) is the spider’s web: a PCS is at the centre of the web, enabling stakeholders (port authority, terminal operator, Customs and other authorities, shipping line, agent, haulier, rail operator and so on …) to exchange real-time information via a secure and neutral platform, thus driving and supporting the smooth and swift flow of messages and cargo.

There is more – of course there is! Within IPCSA, our members share knowledge, expertise and experience and that is based on the fact that they provide similar services and have similar challenges. However, no two PCS are exactly the same. We share our differences, too!

Ports are the vital link in millions of supply chains. Many PCS operators have expanded their services to support companies and stakeholders along those chains. Among our members, India’s Kale Logistics, with its technology and solutions for the supply chain; France’s MGI, providing connectivity between hinterland road, rail and barge; and Australia’s 1-Stop, with its solutions for vehicle and terminal booking to optimise flows and throughput; are three great examples of what is being achieved through collaboration, communication and community to increase efficiency and information flow through the supply chain.

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