Jurong Port, Singapore: Embedding an Innovation Culture



Lee Jek Suen, Assistant Vice President, Strategic Planning Office, Jurong Port, Singapore


Headquartered in Singapore, Jurong Port is a multi-purpose port operator that serves as Singapore’s main breakbulk and bulk cargo gateway. Our port operating expertise includes the handling of general (breakbulk), bulk and containerised cargo, management of an offshore marine centre which serves as a one-stop dedicated facility for the retrofitting of offshore marine vessels, and operations of lighter terminals that provide vessel provisioning-at-anchor and resupply in Singaporean waters. Jurong Port is also involved in overseas joint ventures in China and Indonesia.

Jurong Port recognised that the key to the continued growth and performance of any port business is in having a strong culture of innovation within the organisation. While in the past, Jurong Port has been able to rely on pockets of innovation within the company, we wanted to introduce a more systematic approach towards managing innovation and sustainability in our port processes and have an organisation structure that encourages and embraces such a culture. The establishment of the Research & Innovation Centre at Jurong Port under the Strategic Planning Office is key to this development.

Our innovation journey

In 2011, Jurong Port, together with other maritime partners in Singapore, launched the Green Port and Productivity Solutions (GPPS) Programme, which committed JP to contribute up to US$4.2 million over the next five years towards funding any port technology research, development and test-bedding projects in the areas of green port technologies and productivity…

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