Eliminating threat and improving efficiency with liquid security inspection



Dr Chen Zhiqiang & Mr Liang Yinpen, NUCTECH Co. Ltd., P.R. China


No matter whether they are in a seaport or airport, travellers need no longer worry about bringing liquids on-board their chosen form of transport.

This is because a high-tech liquid security inspection system is now available which is able to detect and identify different categories of liquids precisely and efficiently.

It is already is use at several major airports.

In August 2006, a plot to blow up an aircraft using liquid explosives departing from London Heathrow Airport to the US was thwarted by the author ities.

No one was harmed, but it led to tightened secur ity in UK and US air ports, meaning a longer check-in process and more strict rules on luggage control, if left unabated, the same could happen in seaports.

All airports and seaports worldwide are ….

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