Effectiveness and reliability



Orts GmbH Maschinenfabrik, Germany


Flexibility, knowledge and extensive exper ience are the foundations of ORTS GmbH Maschinenfabr ik, Germany. The company has successfully been in the grab market for over 35 years.

High product quality can be ensured as all grabs are selfconstructed and manufactured in Orts’ own German workshops.

Orts grabs are well known for their effectiveness (high discharge rate), reliability and their long lifespan of handling millions and millions of tonnes.

The purchase price of new grabs does not always tell the whole story, and inexpensiveness does not always relate to value. Over the years it is quality, reliability and
effectiveness that matter most.

A cheap grab can quickly become a very expensive grab: when the grab needs its first spare part after only a short time in operation, breaks down, or operations take
more time because the clamshells are never really full.

Orts technology

Many unique grab ideas and inventions have come from Orts aschinenfabrik over the years. These include electro-hydraulic grabs, which are mainly used for bulk carriers. The necessary crane equipment can be also provided by Orts for these.

Orts also invented the well-known radio controlled dieselhydraulic motor-grabs. These can work on any kind of crane. A hook is all that is necessary to begin operations. This is important when such grabs are stationary in a harbour, as it does not matter what kind of cranes incoming vessels have. These types of grabs combine the speed and power of an electro-hydraulic grab with the independence and flexibility of a mechanical single-rope grab.

Working height problems, which can occur with single-rope grabs, aren’t a factor here. Diesel-hydraulic grabs can either operate with orange-peel grabs when used for scrap or ith classic clamshells grabs in harbours and on vessels. Orts also provides load-traverses with a lifting capacity up to 100 t and other lifting equipment, Technological advantages of which include its optimal kinematic design and construction.

Recently, four 15 year-old electro-hydraulic grabs, having discharged millions and millions of tonnes of different bulk materials over that period, passed a new  load-test (under supervision from Germanischer Lloyd) problem free, proving the stability and quality of grabs made by Orts.

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