E-Commerce Demands: A New Era of Port Technology



Tommy Barnes, President, project44


As the transportation and logistics industry continues to undergo a revolution in technology, different segments of the supply chain must adapt to meet the needs of their fellow stakeholders. Modern logistics technology centres around digitization and connectivity, and this grants us the ability to collect and share information across the supply chain. This model is particularly valuable for data driven industries such as retail, especially as it transitions towards eCommerce. 

Unfortunately, the legacy technology and manual processes that have powered port operations for so long are incapable of transferring data in realtime, or normalizing disparate datasets so they can be put to use across multiple systems. In order to correct these issues, application programming interface (API) technology is being put into place to manage connections between shippers, carriers, third-party logistics companies, transportation management systems, and virtually any other technological format that can conceivably touch a boat, train, truck, shipment, container, or warehouse…

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