Dynamar Global Reefer Analysis 2015



Dynamar B.V.


Reefer Trade's Global Context
The seaborne transport of fresh produce in conventional reefer ships and in refrigerated boxes is estimated to have reached more than 95.7 milliontonnes in 2015. This equals around 16,400 laden conventional reefer ships of 500,000-cu. ft average, or 3.55 million filled 40’ High Cube reefer containers. Yet, the maritime transport of fresh produce still accounts for 2.7% of the world seaborne trade of dry cargoes of all kinds. 
The Only Reefer Way is Growth
Nearly 7.4 billion souls were populating mother earth by the end of 2015. This -not always so- cosy company is expected to grow further to 8.5 billion by 2030, just 15 years from now. Developing countries, absorbing a substantial share of the growth, see the average income of their populations rising by a CAGR exceeding 6% over the period 2000-2020. Unavoidably, an increasing part of this income will be spent on more and more luxury food, such as those prepared from perishables, inducing a trend towards smaller shipments…
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