Discussing the Need for Intelligent Centralised Systems



Richard Butcher, Executive Vice President – Global Business Development, CNB Tek


The COVID-19 pandemic has created many challenges for the international supply chain and not least for the global ports and terminals that have continued to handle the flow of traffic during these trying times.

The pressures of 2020 have been felt within the operations at ports and terminals as they have implemented a range of alternative operational processes to handle the containers, cargo and vessels that flow through their facilities.

With workforces being affected by lockdowns, social distancing and at worst sickness, the limited ability of personnel to engage at an operational level has meant it has become very clear there is a need for ports to fall back on the technology they have deployed.

Port and terminal management and operational teams have had to rely heavily on their automated and integrated systems to run and manage their workflows.

We are likely to see greater levels of automation being implemented and operators will look for more centralised systems to run and manage the daily operations across their facilities.

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