Digital Container Shipping: The Path Toward Intelligent Supply Chains



Mafran Martinez, Managing Director, Algeciras Logistic Areas and Dr. Oscar Pernia, Vice President, Applied Innovation, Navis LLC


The digital transformation of the transportation and logistics industry is progressing consistently, as demonstrated by the masterplans of key players such as Maersk, MSC and CMA-C'M in the container shipping sector. These plans cover the integrated supply chain aspect (an evolution of operational and business processes) through the expansion and acquisition of new digital capabilities.

Ibrahim 'okcen, the Chief Digital Officer at Maersk Transportation and Logistics, recently outlined how the future for his company is dependent upon a seamless synthesis of the organization’s expanding digital capabilities with their extensive industry expertise. This is another sign that digitization and automation are the major forces shaping our industry today.

Digital initiatives are becoming stronger and stronger in major companies, however there continues to be a trivialization of solutions as only ‘technology-based’.

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