Digital Release of Containers at the Port of Antwerp




The Port of Antwerp has developed a new container release process based on the on the sharing of real-time information on a unique central data platform. Originally unveiled in June 2020, Certified Pick Up (CPu) will be used operational on 1 January 2021 and replace the current system of PIN codes.

This new way of working will guarantee a secure, transparent and optimised release process for incoming containers, which will then leave the port by rail, barge or truck, the Port explained. The CPu assures that the right container is assigned to the right carrier.

Today unique PIN codes are needed to pick up a container terminal in the port and the time between providing the PIN code to the shipping company and the driver entering this code at the terminal is considerable. The PIN code is also seen by multiple parties which increases the risk of abuse.

The CPu should make this process more secure and efficient as it is a neutral, central data platform which connects all stakeholders involved in the container import process.

The CPu platform works by receiving and processing container information to generate an encrypted digital key, with which the eventual carrier can pick up the container.

This digital key is only created when the final carrier is known. The time between the creation of the digital key and the collection of the container is therefore minimal. It will also be possible to trace which parties were involved in the collection of the container.
This allows the competent authorities such as customs and police to access the data exchanged and generated in CPu within the boundaries of their legal powers.

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