Detaching Landside from Waterside Operations in Big-Ship Container Terminals



Dr Asaf Ashar, Research-Professor (emeritus) and Independent Consultant, Washington DC, USA


This paper is a sequel to my previous Port Technology paper “Big Ships and Densification of Container Terminals” (June 2019).  Both papers are concerned with big-ship terminals’ need to expand capacity while facing shortage of waterfront land. The container yard (CY) takes most of the waterfront area and therefore its capacity is the main constraint on overall terminal capacity.  The previous paper focused on measures to increase CY capacity without expanding its area, using technology to increase storage density, including a novel High Bay System and high-density versions of present yard cranes. The previous paper intentionally ignored berth capacity, since for most terminals it far exceeds CY capacity.  Yet, since the berth is the most essential and costly terminal component a brief discussion of its capacity is warranted.

For brevity, the CY capacity formulation is not discussed here; readers are invited to review it in the previous paper.

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