Data Management is Fundamental



Boris Michel, Head of Sales & Technical Sales DataLab; Dr. Eva Savelsberg, Senior Vice President; Matthew Wittemeier, Marketing Manager, INFORM’s Logistics Division


In 2012, MIT Sloan published an article explaining the “Big Data Revolution.” The authors emphasised the necessity to utilise the tremendous amounts of data that are being generated through digitisation, the Internet and the, then still in its infancy, Internet of Things (IoT). Fast forward to today. A few short months ago, Inform penned a paper entitled “Screwed: The Real Value of Data.”

In it, we argued that it was no longer a question of whether data has value, but rather whether your organization can transform itself into one that leverages data to build its digital foundation for the future.

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Video Interview with Dr. Eva Savelsberg: Data and Strategy

Instead of just leaving you there with this platitude of data being the “digital screws” of the future, we at Inform have decided to put together a three-part series on effective data strategy. It will have a good deal of meat to it that will assist readers in actually understanding the foundation of data strategy and enable them to start down the road to establishing one.

In our series, we will give you an introduction to what cutting-edge technology enables us to do, what the implications for maritime operations are, and, most importantly, give you an idea of how to access these benefits.

In Part 1, which we are launching in Port Technology International’s landmark 100th Edition of the Journal, we kick it off by having a look at data management.

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