Dahua IP Megapixel solution secures Pescara Harbour



Dahua Security


Pescara harbour, a port at the mouth of the River Pescara on Italy’s Adriatic coast, is significant for the trading and tourism around the region. The port includes a dock, a freight yard and a sea bridge that is one of the biggest cyclopedestrian- type in Europe. In a joint effort with Videotrend – Dahua Technology’s distributor in Italy – Dahua and its  megapixel solution successfully securedthe contract for the Pescara port.

The problems encountered in this particular application include the unpleasant weather and high humidity of the region, which can cause the corrosion of devices and thus shorten their lifespan; in addition, the high temperatures and moisture can affect the smooth transmission of IP stream during deployment and installation.

In order to solve the above-mentioned issues given the climate is an unalterable factor, Dahua, Videotrend and the local system integrator attempted to approach it from a different perspective – the structure. The system adopts a ring networking structure with optical fibre adopted instead of conventional startopology; and to further guarantee an adequate bandwidth at 108Mbps for the cycling lane, the radio transmission system was configured at an access point of dual band 2.4/5.8GHz.

On the product front, Dahua 3MP and 2MP IR cameras (IPC-HFW3300P / IPC-HFW3200CP) and 2MP 20x speed domes (SD6982A / 6523H-HN) cruised into the final selection after a series of tests. Equipped with lenses of 3.3-12mm and 8-16mm, box cameras manage to capture a wide range of scenarios under surveillance. What is more, with the help of high-efficiency IR LEDs, cameras can also render a clear night-vision effect; and as for the back-end devices, Dahua NVR, DH-SVR3016H is used as it can enable the storage of large volumes of footage, in addition to its RAID function enhancing reliability and stability of the system.

“The previous problems have been well addressed by this solution, which, at the same time is quite flexible and convenient,” said Pasquale Totaro, CEO of Videotrend. “It has been over two years since the project was completed, and everything still goes well. The local officials are satisfied with this project as it not only helps to achieve identifying non-essential personnel, but also makes the whole surveillance system run smoothly.”

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