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Jason Hyeon, Head of Terminal Business Unit, CyberLogitec


What are the essential factors implicit in sound port operations?

The most essential factors to a sound port operation are process automation and enhancing operational efficiency. The overall terminal operation cycle has become complicated throughout the years and will become more complicated due to the rapid growth of the vessel sizes which currently go up to 18,000 TEU, along with this is the heavy machinery integrated with high-end technology to process mega-ships up to a speed of 100 TEU per hour.

With this in mind, increasing terminal competitiveness and operational efficiency is vital. High-end yard equipment and job management is crucial to processing the exponential number of containers.

Devices such as VMT (vehicle mounted terminal) are also very important factors in enhancing efficiency and minimising error. In order for cranes and container trucks to accurately perform job orders from a TOS, equipment operators must work smarter. VMT, which must be designed to ensure intuitive understanding and fast recognition by operators who speak various languages, should have sensors check on equipment to inform the system of its status and perform the role of a communicator with the central system for a quick response in case of an accident or emergency.

From the operator’s perspective, VMT must be able to give job orders to equipment operators and facilitate problem solving through a virtual terminal that lets a user figure out at a glance the status of terminal equipment and condition of stacked containers.

What do you think is the biggest single issue affecting ports and terminals today?

Throughout the last 20-30 years, container …

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