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Baltkran, Kaliningrad, Russia


Sakhalin Island

Kaliningrad based crane manufacturers Baltkran are supplying a double girder container crane with a capacity of 35t to an intermodal terminal in Kholmsk on Sakhalin Island. The span of the crane is 25m; stacking height is 2+1. The allelectric telescopic slewing spreader with its own slewing device will allow an accurate positioning and stacking of 20, 30, 40 and 45ft containers without changing the spreader, resulting in significant cost savings and reducing time for  loading/discharging trains and trucks.

The crane will also be equipped with a hook beam for handling parcel goods. This is the second crane that has been manufactured by Baltkran for Sakhalin, the first one was delivered by in 2000.

A widespan container crane with a capacity of 32t operates successfully and efficiently on site in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The partly-assembled crane (major units and components) will be shipped by railway across the country to Vanino port, where it will be delivered by ferry to Kholmsk, and then fully assembled, with all equipment being tested. The crane will be put into operation before the end of 2008.

Sochi Olympic Games

A new cargo yard providing developments for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia is being commissioned for the end of 2008. Terminal capacity will be increased to 12 million tonnes by 2010. Baltkran will supply three new cranes – one container and three gantry cranes to the terminal for high capacity container and bulk cargo handling.

The heavy-duty double-cantilever container crane has a bridge length of 44 m, lifting height 2+1, capacity under spreader 35 tonnes. An all-electric telescopic spreader for 20-30-40-45 ft container will significantly increase crane productivity. The doublecantilever gantry cranes (capacity 12.5 t) will have bridge length more than 40 m.

A modular design ensures quick and easy assembly making the crane easily moveable to a new cargo yard after terminal dismantling in Sochi. The all-electric drives of the mechanisms are very economical in operation, do not require much maintenance and are environmentally safe. Their work is practically noise free, which is of a great importance for a city terminal.

Baltkran supplied Sochi a wide span double-cantilever container crane with a spreader capacity of 35 tonnes that allowed the cargo yard to handle an additional  0,000 TEU a year without need for expansion. Modern container and gantry cranes increase terminal capacity at minimum cost and time consumption for handling operations.

Speed, accuracy of positioning, damage free operation and comfortable conditions for crane operators – are the key components of high productivity of Baltkran’s handling equipment.

The assembly and commissioning of the new cranes in Sochi is scheduled for 2009.

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