Conveying and refining arctic safety



Johan Pennekamp, deputy manager section morphology and sediment dynamics, Deltares, Delft, the Netherlands and Wilfred Haaijer, SHE-Q manager, Boskali, Papendrech, the Netherlands


Knowledge dissemination and exchange

The Central Dredging Association (CEDA) is an international organisation of professionals in dredging and related fields comprising of dredging contractors, ship yards, water and harbour authorities, consultancies, knowledge institutes and supplying enterprises. The activities of CEDA can best be summarised thus: (i) a provider of an independent forum where all those involved in any kind of activity related to dredging and marine construction can meet and discuss dredging issues and, (ii) a facilitator to generate and disseminate quality, impartial knowledge and information about all aspects of dredging to those who either want it or need it. Derived from this it is clear that the dissemination of high quality and advanced knowledge is an important goal of CEDA.

A wish to enhance the interactivity

In June 2013, CEDA organised and hosted the twentieth World Dredging Congress and Exhibition, also known as WODCON XX, as part of its triennial schedule of global dredging summits. The four-day event with 95 peer-reviewed technical papers, highly enjoyable social events and technical tours was an immense success. Many of the respondents wished to have more interaction with the speakers on their subjects than the conventional format of presentations allowed. This wish was taken up by CEDA in their next event. Traditionally CEDA organises one of its dredging conferences during the biennial Europort Exhibition at Ahoy Rotterdam in the Netherlands under the name CEDA Dredging Days. This conference during Europort 2013 was also scheduled to be organised by CEDA. So for a second international meeting that year this gave the possibility to divert from the CEDA Dredging Days concept during Europort and thus the CEDA Forum 2013 took place.


CEDA Forum 2013 was designed to maximise interaction and networking to allow delegates to engage with each other and with the content. Entitled: Dredging in a Changing World, the forum focused on two current and prominent issues in the dredging industry. The morning session came under the title ‘working under exotic circumstances’ and the afternoon session under ‘large marine infrastructure projects and the EU habitats directive: lessons learned’. The forum séance was topped with a concluding technical visit the next day.

The Arctic is buzzing

The morning session was focused on….

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